Old Algonquin Seniors Home Facility

(AS-BUILT CAD FLoor Plans)
Building Information
  • Building Name: Old Algonquin Seniors Home Facility
  • Location: Mattawa

Project Description

The Algonquin Seniors home was originally a full-time care facility for the more serious patients. The building had a very institutional/hospital feeling about it. A new home was built for the patients, and now the building is due to be renovated into an apartment-style living facility for seniors who are more independent.

No accurate existing floorplans for this building could be located, so Digital Blueprint was approached to survey the building and provide a precise As-Built Floor Plan of existing conditions of the entire facility. A complete scan of the building's interior & exterior took place, and the end result was an accurate, to scale floor plan including all walls, doors, windows, stairs, mechanical, and furniture.